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A "How to" Booklet


If you always do what you always did,

you’ll always get what you always got. 

 The following are sections of a book I created called "Implementing Modifications in the K-12 Classroom" If you are interested please feel free to print these files and make your own booklet or binder.  The modifications in the files below explain and tell you how to implement current modifications found on special education IEP's.  Additionally, the appendix has samples and other information relating to inclusion education, adapting materials, and modifying for special education students in the classroom.  Please make sure you leave the reference source information at the bottom of each page.  





· Cover Sheet

· Table of Contents

· Booklet on How to Implement EXCENT Modifications

· Appendix Table of Contents

· Modification Toolkit and TIPS for Specific Students

· TIPS for Modifying Classroom Material, Assignments, and Environment

· TIPS for Modifying for Students with Moderate/Severe Impairments

· TIPS for Modifying Instruction

· TIPS for Modifying Curriculum

· Sample Study Guide

· Sample of Modified Test

· Four Types of Note taking

· Framed Report Format

· Student Monitoring Report

· Behavior or Academic Action Plan

· Planning and Implementing an Inclusion Program for the Classroom

· Special Education Inclusion Models

· Collaboration

· Questions and Answers About Modifications