Children who learn together..
.learn to live together...

Tiny TIPS Topics


If children can’t learn the way we teach,

we’d better teach the way they can learn! 

The purpose of TINY TIPS TOPICS is to provide printable information that can be shared with educators.  Topics will be added and updated to build a reference of educational information from the TIPS program.  Click on each green title to open the document. 


Planning for inclusion the classroom

Strategies for At Risk Students


TIPS for Making Modifications in the Classroom!  

Best Practices for the Inclusive Classroom


The Anger Cycle- A Guide to Managing Anger in the Classroom

Autism Information:

Self Check on Structured Teaching 

Quicklist about Autism

Management of Children with Autism

Co-Teaching and Collaboration:

Co-Teaching Models

The Inclusive Classroom

Collaboration Time

Best Practices in Collaboration


Disability Awareness:

Teaching Disability Awareness


Differentiated Instruction: 

Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom