Children who learn together..
.learn to live together...

Inclusion Websites


Fairness is NOT sameness! 

 Below are websites you might find interesting and useful relating to Inclusion.  They all provide information relating to inclusive education and meeting the needs of special students in the classroom.  If the links don’t work (and that sometimes happens) then just type or copy in the URL address and it should take you directly to the web site.  Enjoy your browsing!   



Http:// Activities to promote independence in individuals with special learning needs.


Http://  A comprehensive website of information and resource regarding learning disabilities.  lesson plans, worksheets, teacher plans, webquests and more...


Http://  National Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities.  Publications and connections to state resources for students with disabilities. Learn about how the brain works and how to use this information in the classroom.


BOOK with INCLUDE Strategy: 

Friend, M., & Bursuck, W. D. (2006). Including students with special needs: A practical guide for classroom teachers. (4th ed.) Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.




 If children can’t learn the way we teach,

we’d better teach the way they can learn! 



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